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TAG Alliances members seamlessly work together to provide an exceptional multidisciplinary service to businesses that cross geographical borders through an integrated process that powerfully supports the needs of today’s globally minded clients.

There are numerous advantages to working with TAG Alliances members:

Extensive Reach

TAG Alliances members have unmatched access to more than 290 leading professional services firms in more than 110 countries. TAG Alliances is comprised of a culturally diverse group of independent firms with a broad mix of expertise and knowledge that combine to make a strong unified team. This extensive international reach allows businesses to leverage local knowledge and relationships to gain a significant competitive advantage. 

Value Driven & Cost Effective

TAG Alliances member firms are innovative, entrepreneurial, and agile. They have chosen to remain independent of each other to minimize the level of bureaucracy that would impede them from adapting to the dynamic changes in their local area. Each of our member firms are deeply connected to issues relevant to their own jurisdictions and are poised to help their fellow members navigate these factors on behalf of their clients. These deep local roots and connections allow our specialists to effectively resolve matters in a quick and cost-effective manner at highly competitive rates.

Multidisciplinary Synergy

The high level of collaboration between TAG Alliances members is a result of the professional trust and confidence that they have formed with each other. The relationship between member firms goes well beyond a directory of members. Members have developed a deep level of mutual respect for each other as a result of working together on a regular basis and actively maintaining these connections by meeting in person to share knowledge and collaborate. It is this high level of integration between the law firms, accounting firms, tax advisors, strategic business partners, and the resulting synergies, that differentiate the TAG Alliances from the competition. TAG Alliances offers a “one stop shop” for many multinational clients looking to transact globally.

Personal Service

Each client is unique. TAG Alliances members are passionate about taking the time to understanding their client’s specific needs, as well as their comprehensive strategic goals.  Our members recognize that authentic relationships are the cornerstone of effective collaborations and that this personalized approach allows our professional services firms to powerfully leverage their own experts and those of their international counterparts to provide clients with complete solutions. TAG Alliances members proactively partner with clients, not only to educate and guide them on the trends and changes specific to them, but also to seek out opportunities to positively contribute to their client’s overall success.

Experienced Professionals

Our member firms operate prominent practices in their home markets and are leaders in their local communities.  Many of our member firms have received their own awards and recognitions from prestigious and reputable ranking agencies such as Chambers & Partners, Legal 500, and Accountancy Age.  Additionally, our broad base of members offer clients access to highly specialized experts in a multitude of fields.  Member firms boast graduates from top universities around the world; many of whom build on their education and experience by serving on Boards of Directors, appearing as expert witnesses, and becoming involved in charitable organizations and community events. They also know the value of being well rounded. Among TAG Alliances members, we have published authors, musicians, opera singers, marathon runners, and even mountain climbers. 

Commitment to Excellence

TAG Alliances members come from diverse cultures, yet they share a common goal to become a trusted client advisor and to provide an exceptional client experience.  Member firms have extensive experience in working with international clients and understand the importance of meeting a client’s unique requirements and exceeding their expectations for service and responsiveness.

“Advisors on the Same Page.”
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