Page 10 - Annual Review 2017
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Success Stories
“We Worked Closely Together...”
“We acted on behalf of an Indian corporation involved in an arbitration subject to New York law with London as the seat of the arbitration. We contacted Barry Werbin at Herrick who was able to advise on the New York law. During this matter, we worked closely together to advise the client on a strategy which, in the end, was very effective and the case settled on good terms.”
Jill Bainbridge
Blake Morgan LLP (Southampton, England - TAGLaw)
“Successfully Resolved the Case”
“We recently concluded a litigation matter referred to our  rm by Berger Singerman (Florida, USA - TAGLaw). The case involved some signi cant employment / independent contractor issues. We represented the client in both a state administrative case and in a lawsuit. The client was able to successfully resolve the case. Ultimately, we were able to assist the client to receive insurance reimbursement for the cost of the litigation and other costs related to the case.”
Larry Drapkin
Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP (Los Angeles, California, USA - TAGLaw)
1 Referral... 7 Figures... 15 years of
“A single TAGLaw referral resulted in a matter that generated a seven- gure fee for our  rm—thus paying for our entire 15- year membership several times over.”
William Hardin
Osborn Maledon, P.A. (Arizona, USA - TAGLaw)
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