Page 11 - Annual Review 2017
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Success Stories
“Their Client is Now Our Client”
“Wendy On of Fineman West (Los Angeles, California, USA - TIAG) had a client that started doing business in the Netherlands. The client was in contact with one of the Big Four  rms, but Wendy suggested that they should contact our  rm to see if we could assist them. Their client is now our client.”
Barry Nijkamp
KRC Van Elderen (Zwolle, Netherlands - TIAG)
“This is Why We are Members of TIAG.”
“Our  rm had an international client with an urgent need for clari cation on a matter concerning German Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). I contacted SGP Schneider Geiwitz (Neu-Ulm, Germany - TIAG) who quickly responded. A time was arranged for direct communication with my client who received the guidance that they needed. This is exactly why we are members of TIAG.”
Brett Neate
Zinner & Co. LLP (Ohio, USA - TIAG)
“Ready Access to a Reliable and
Reputable Firm”
“Our TAGLaw member in India, Kochhar & Co, helped us answer a point of Indian law that arose in the course of litigation. We were grateful to have ready access to a reliable and reputable  rm.”
Kevin Koons
Kroger, Gardis and Regas, LLP (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA - TAGLAW

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