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Success Stories
“The Many Bene ts of Membership”
“In January, a U.S. TAGLaw Member contacted us to see if we would be interested in representing one of their long-standing clients because their  rm had a con ict which prevented their representation. We interviewed with the client and through the recommendation of the member, we were hired by the client. The matter continues. This is a great example of the many bene ts of membership in TAGLaw and TAG Alliances.”
Greg Noschese
Munsch Hardt (Texas, USA - TAGLaw)
TIAG Members Create International
Secondment Program
Studio Rock (Milan, Italy) and Mercer & Hole (London, England) started a new collaboration this year: a “Professional” Exchange Program for their associates. Luca Viel, Senior Associate at Studio Rock was the  rst to pursue this opportunity, spending 8 months this year at Mercer & Hole’s of ces in London.
“The  rst attempt of this new collaboration was absolutely positive. It really helped both  rms with the relationship with our London-based, Italian clients and it represents a nice growth opportunity for our associates.”
Fedele Gubitosi; Studio Rock (Milan, Italy)
“We have been delighted to have had this opportunity. Luca became a popular and useful member of the team and has helped create a really close working relationship between our  rms that we can build on in the future.”
Paul Maberly; Mercer & Hole (London, England)
Farewell party for Luca (middle) and his Mercer & Hole colleagues
TAG Alliances® 2017 Annual Review

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