Page 15 - Annual Review 2017
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Success Stories
“Impressive to our Clients”
“One of our TAGLaw members in Texas, Dykema Cox Smith, recently assisted me with domesticating a subpoena in Texas to depose an expert witness. Additionally, they allowed me to use their of ce for the deposition. While this might not seem signi cant, it is helpful and impressive to our clients to be able to leverage the reach and access of our fellow TAGLaw members for out-of-state needs.”
Elizabeth Scott
Williams Mullen (North Carolina & Virginia, USA - TAGLaw)
“I had to carry out a comprehensive company search for a German-Austrian client. Several shareholder levels upstream appeared as Luxembourg holding companies. This led me to contact Catherine L’Hote of our TAGLaw member in Luxembourg, Adam & Bleser. Catherine provided me with the relevant information from the Luxembourg corporate registry almost immediately.”
Nils Wördermann
RWP Rechtsanwälte (Düsseldorf, Germany - TAGLaw)
Cleaning up a “Mess”
“A friend of mine had a mother with some tax issues in the United Kingdom. I referred my friend to Lisa Spearman of Mercer & Hole (London, England - TIAG) who successfully resolved a complicated, multi-jurisdiction tax mess.”
Russell Brown
LehmanBrown (Beijing & Shanghai, China - TIAG)

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