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Success Stories
“Doing it for a Friend”
“I had a client in the UK with serious UK and U.S. tax issues. I reached out to Fuad Saba at FGMK (Chicago - TIAG) for his international tax expertise. Fuad met telephonically with the client and came up with a brilliant solution. When I asked him how much for the services, he said he was ‘doing it for a friend.’”
Norman Posner
Samet & Company (Massachusetts, USA - TIAG)
Across the Pond
Robert Levy of Kuit Steinart Levy LLP (TAGLaw) referred a local Manchester, UK logistics shipping provider which was interested in expanding into the U.S., with the speci c intention of establishing it’s U.S. operations with headquarters in Salt Lake City. Since then, Kirton McConkie has incorporated the client’s business entity and begun facilitating immigration work visas for the British management.
Willis Orton
Kirton McConkie (Utah, USA – TAGLaw)
“Helped us Close the Deal”
In 2016, we received a large matter. This client now accounts for 10% of our practices’ billings. We received great support from Mercer & Hole (London, England - TIAG) which helped us close the deal.
John O’Connell
HSOC (Ireland - TIAG)
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