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New Members
“First Impressions”
“Just days after our membership was  nalized and announced, I was able to connect by e-mail with a number of members from various countries. I am so pleased by the warm welcome we received from everyone. We also had a very pleasant meeting with our local TAGLaw member in Cyprus, Tassos Papadopoulos & Associates LLC, and we are planning to have another one soon to further explore areas of collaboration. My  rst impressions of our TIAG membership are so positive and I believe our membership will greatly contribute to our strategic growth plan.”
Athena Constantinou
APC Audit, Tax, Advisory Ltd (Nicosia. Cyprus - TIAG)
New Member Success
“As a brand new TAG-SP member, we attended the International Conference in Quebec City. There, we met a number of fantastic accounting contacts, many of whom will likely refer investors and various clients to us. We also feel we will be in a good position to refer our existing clients out to these members for various matters and opportunities.”
Zafar Kanani
Forbury Investment (UK - TAG-SP)
New TAGLaw Members
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