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The theme of the 2017 Annual Review is “Amplify”. To be effective, ampli cation requires that a message be delivered and heard by another so that they can in turn further the message to others. It is not necessary to be overbearing or loud to be heard. This wave of in uence can only be transferred when information is shared from a place of trust, credibility, integrity, and authenticity. Our TAG Alliances community is built on the foundation of these key characteristics, and as such, we have a huge voice in the global community. Individually we are able to further our capabilities as an alliance, but together we are a massive force. This Annual Review is one such vehicle for amplifying the global message of the TAG Alliances.
Just as casting a stone onto the water’s surface forms a series of ripples that radiate outward, our actions, intentions and purpose as an organization cause a similar impact throughout the world. The ripple effect is so much greater than the original impact formed by the single stone. One small action can lead to incredible results. The metaphor of water is particularly compelling in symbolizing ampli cation, as it is organic and  uid yet also a dynamic force: water can be refreshing and revitalizing; it can be thirst quenching; it cuts steel at high pressures; and it can sculpt mountains in geologic time.
At TAG Alliances, we have taken on the goal of amplifying the strengths and prominence of our members and strategic partners, to each other as well as to industry, trade organizations, businesses, individuals, and other professional service providers. We aim to facilitate relationships, connections, collaborations, and work engagements throughout the world.
Richard Attisha President & CEO
Our intention with this year’s Annual Review is to amplify the accomplishments of our alliance. We had tremendous success this year in recruiting a number of prominent new members. We are excited to see the high level of engagement from these new members and how well they have integrated within our community. As well, we have experienced an unprecedented level of creative and innovative projects between our members, and most impressively, a signi cant increase in the work ow between our lawyers and accountants. As an alliance, we continue to drive work to our members from international organizations and multinational companies. Overwhelmingly, these organizations have been very impressed with the international capabilities and quality of our member  rms that they have engaged to handle international matters. These organizations view our members as a signi cant competitive alternative to the Big Four and international law  rms.
We have been a full-service multidisciplinary alliance since 2003. As many new organizations embark on developing a multidisciplinary approach, we take pride in acknowledging that we have already created a mature, robust, diverse, and dynamic multidisciplinary community. We continue to be recognized by independent and reputable ranking services as an elite organization and one of the top multidisciplinary alliances in the world.
As a community, we challenge each and every one of our members to continue sharing, on a daily basis, the talents, successes and expertise of our global members to those around them. Our common goal is to inform businesses and individuals around the world that the TAG Alliances is their premier resource for international professional support. We continue to transform the way people obtain professional international services.
1 TAG Alliances® 2017 Annual Review
Melisa Attisha Executive Vice President

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