Page 23 - Annual Review 2017
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New TIAG Members
Premier Consulting S.A. (Greece)
Founded in 1999, Premier Consulting is one of the top independent accounting and advisory  rms in Greece. Local SME’s and Fortune 1000 companies alike trust Premier Consulting for both their international experience, and their sound understanding of the conditions and peculiarities of the Greek market.
(Main Contacts shown left to right: Nikolaos Marselos & Ioannis Xenopoulos)
D&H Group LLP (British Columbia, Canada)
Founded in 1951 by David Dyke and Ian Howard, D&H Group is a full- service accounting  rm based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Today, the  rm is one of the top  ve independent  rms in the Vancouver area and serves clients ranging from individuals to international businesses.
(Main Contacts shown left to right: Arthur Azana & Craig Cox)
BALIKLI Audit I Advisory (Turkey)
Established in 2007, BALIKLI delivers  nancial services and advice to a broad range of businesses and corporate clients. The  rm’s founder, Tugba Balikli, has been ranked among the Top 17 Women Entrepreneurs in Turkey by the Womens Presidents’ Organization (WPO).
(Main Contact shown: Tugba Balikli)

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