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International Conferences
Fall 2017 - Quebec City
Hundreds of years ago, the walls of Quebec City, the oldest forti ed city in North America, warded off invaders and incoming threats. This past autumn, the open minds and hearts of Quebec’s residents, including our host  rms, welcomed and embraced visitors from around the world during our international conference. The conference focused on how professionals can protect their clients and  rms from various threats such as cyber attacks, arti cial intelligence, and climate change—disruptive forces that are impacting the global economy at a rapid pace. During our  nal session, we challenged our members to a BINGO networking game to utilize some of the marketing tips shared with us by our keynote speaker, Larry Kohn. Congratulations to Steve Popoff for winning a free conference registration for his  rm, Blaney McMurtry (Ontario - TAGLaw), due to his networking skills during the BINGO game. Our  nal dinner, a “Lumberjack Soiree,” allowed our plaid- attired attendees to celebrate and partake of unique Canadian fare and traditions including gourmet “poutine,” maple syrup toffee, wooden spoons and... a musical chainsaw.
Welcome Dinner in the Chateau Frontenac.
The Triple Threat! Members from TAGLaw, TIAG and TAG-SP networking at the Gala Dinner.
“Litigation & ADR and Audit & Assurance: Oops...What Happens When Auditors Miss Fraud” panelists.
“The Black Mirror” The Impact of Technology on the Legal and Accounting Professions
John Farley of HUB International (Best Friends of TAG) conducts a live hack during “Data Breach Live”.
Networking with new and old friends at the Gala Dinner.
TIAG Members Papa Ndao (Senegal) & Russell Brown (Beijing & Shanghai, China) take a sel e for “TAG Alliances Networking BINGO”
Steve Popoff poses with Richard and Melisa Attisha after winning a free conference registration for his  rm during “TAG Alliances Networking BINGO”.
TAG Alliances® 2017 Annual Review

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