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TAG Foundation
Hurricane Harvey Relief for Houston
In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, TAG Foundation contributed $5,000 USD to the Houston Food Bank, which provided food and supplies right after the hurricane and for many months afterwards to residents in southeast Texas as they struggled to rebuild their lives. The organization works closely with a network of partner agencies to ensure food gets to those who need it most.
Devastating Earthquakes in Mexico
TAG Foundation donated $5,000 USD to Fundaci├│n ACIR, a Mexican non-pro t organization that provides support for social projects to improve community wellbeing, especially for children in the most disadvantaged regions. All post- earthquake donations were used to set up temporary schools where buildings where damaged or destroyed by the earthquakes, while permanent ones are being built.
Hurricane Relief for Puerto Rico
Fondos Unidos de Puerto Rico, working hand-in-hand with United Way, provided assistance with setting up refugee centers, as well as the distribution of water, power generators, prepared food and food vouchers for people affected by the hurricanes Irma and Maria. It also supported af liated organizations that provided essential health services and other basic needs to the community. TAG Foundation contributed $5,000 USD to the cause.
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