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A Tribute to Ken Mayers
At our Fall 2017 International Conference in Quebec City, we honored Ken Mayers, the longest tenured team member of the TAG Alliances. Ken has of cially retired from day-to-day operations as a member of our team. However, you will likely see Ken at future international conferences, where he will always be welcome as our Conference Ambassador.
Ken was the  rst employee hired by Peter Appleton Jones, back in 1999 when TAGLaw was founded. Since then, Ken has been instrumental in the development of the TAG Alliances and has served the organization with incredible energy, passion and commitment.
To symbolize Ken’s commitment to our global community, we gave Ken a crystal Inukshuk statute with a special engraving. The Inukshuk represents cooperation, support, balance and humanity—all of the qualities that Ken exempli es. Similar to the permanence of the Inukshuk, Ken’s legacy among the TAG Alliances will stand the test of time.
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