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Success Stories
“Extraordinary Bene ts to Our Firm”
“Recently, we received a referral from Cornick Garber & Sandler in New York City (TIAG). We were able to deliver great service to the client and earn their trust which then led to the opportunity of referring the client to our local TAGLaw member in London, Boodle Hat eld. One referral yielded: extraordinary bene ts to our  rm, Cornick being able to service their client’s international needs, and the opportunity to strengthen our own local relationships.”
Lisa Spearman
Mercer & Hole (London, England - TIAG)
“Knowledge Sharing...A Powerful Bene t”
“At a recent TAG Alliances conference, I was able to discuss various practice management techniques with Kurt Baker of ESV in Sydney, Australia (TIAG)—a tremendous leader of his  rm. We have started implementing some of these strategies and ideas at our own  rm and they are already working well. This type of knowledge sharing is a powerful bene t of membership in TIAG and TAG Alliances.”
Basil Bielich
Browne Craine and Co. (Isle of Man - TIAG)
Help in China
“I was recently able to reach out to Steven Yu of Hiways Law Firm in Shanghai, China (TAGLaw) who assisted our client in locating governmental  lings in China that were required in order for our client to complete their audit.”
Paul Tauber
Coblentz Patch Duffy & Bass LLP (San Francisco, CA, USA – TAGLaw)
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