Page 9 - Annual Review 2017
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Success Stories
“International Feel, Stretch and Range...”
“Our  rm, Portman International, has been a TIAG member for more than 10 years. Membership in TIAG and TAG Alliances gives us the international feel, stretch, and range to serve our client’s international needs.”
David Marinelli
Portman International (Malta - TIAG)
“New Connections with Many
More to Come.”
“As new TIAG Members, we attended our  rst TAG Alliances International Conference in Quebec City. There, we were able to meet with so many great TIAG  rms from around the world to explore opportunities to serve our clients. Speci cally, we needed advice for a transaction in Ireland and met with John O’Connell of HSOC. We also talked with Robert Fortier of Mallette in Quebec to arrange a Francophone secondment for our  rm. Participation in this conference, and membership in TIAG, has led to a number of new connections with many more to come.”
Gord Cummings & Chris Clifford
D&H Group (British Columbia, Canada - TIAG)
“TAGLaw is Really Working.”
“Jacintha Pillay of Sim Mong Teck in Singapore has been very helpful and patient as I work with a client who is exploring a new business in Singapore. TAGLaw is really working.”
Attorneys at Law
Eric C. Marshall
Eaton Peabody (Maine, USA - TAGLaw)

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