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“...Very Helpful...”
“I had a client who needed assistance in the British Virgin Islands to handle several items including their admin, accounting, taxes, etc. Within one day we were able to get in touch with the local TAGLaw member firm in the BVI, Hunte & Co, and schedule a call to discuss the client’s needs. Gizelle at Hunte & Co. has been very helpful and the client has successfully transitioned their legal and admin over to Hunte & Co.”
Wendy On | Fineman West & Company, LLP (Los Angeles, California, USA - TIAG)
“A Well Spent Plane Ticket...”
“The TAGLaw member firm in Turkey, Erdem & Erdem, contacted us with an urgent request for one of its clients whose letter of credit for an amount of more than €350,000 had been frozen by the bank, due to a seizure made by the client co-contractor. A damage claim above €600,000 was also submitted to the court against the client for contractual breach involving delivery of defective goods.
Erdem & Erdem’s client was flying the next day to Antwerp, Belgium to discuss the case with the opposing party and needed urgent assistance to assess its legal position. Our firm advised the client at an emergency meeting in our offices and thanks to the assessment, the seizure could be lifted, and the claim against them was dropped after discussion with the opposite party.
A well spent plane ticket from Istanbul to Brussels...”
Oliver Sasserath | MVVP (Belgium - TAGLaw)
TAGLaw moves headquarters to sunny St. Petersburg, Florida
June 2002
Fall International Conference in Vienna, Austria
Oct 2002
The International Accounting Group (TIAG) is launched with founding members Mercer & Hole in London & Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP in Scotland
Jan 2003
TAG Alliances® 2018 Annual Review
Celebrating 20 Years

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