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“Inbound Work Has Already Eclipsed
Our Upfront Investment...”
“Hiways Law Firm in Shanghai, China referred a client to us that had been sued in Georgia. We successfully removed the case to Federal District Court away from the small hometown of their adversary, and are continuing the representation as the lawsuit is still pending. As a new member, we are excited that inbound work has already eclipsed our upfront investment in TAGLaw. We look forward to referring more outbound work to our colleagues.”
David Pardue | Owen, Gleaton, Egan, Jones & Sweeney, LLP (Georgia, USA - TAGLaw)
TAG Alliances® 2018 Annual Review
New TAGLaw Members New TIAG Members New TAG-SP Members
Robert Sattin, an original board member of TAGLaw, joins The Appleton Group as its new President
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