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The majestic tree, on the cover of this year’s Annual Review, is a universal symbol of growth, prosperity, strength and resilience. The image epitomizes the incredible attributes of the TAG Alliances®. It has been another very successful year for the TAG Alliances and our members. We were declared the fastest growing multidisciplinary alliance globally, our members continue to achieve prominence and recognition in their local jurisdictions, and we have attracted outstanding new members across the globe. Our success has, in turn, led us to expand internally. We have added new team members to our organization which enhances our ability to deliver superior service to our members and allows us to expand our capacity to explore new opportunities to generate greater value for our members.
We have once again received a significant number of success stories highlighting the
extent to which member collaboration, referrals, and new business opportunities are
being transacted within our alliance. We would like to thank all of our members for sharing
their successes with us. In this year’s Annual Review, we have selected a number of these
submissions in order to emphasize the variety of projects being conducted within our community. Although many of the success stories concern significant referrals between members, we have also included responses from clients praising the level of service excellence they received from our member firms, as well as other stories that involve the sharing of best practices and collaborative responses to RFPs leading to lucrative work engagements.
Globally, 2018 proved to be another year full of disruption: technologically, economically, politically, and regulatory. Professional service firms continue to be challenged in the face of these turbulent times. We know that leaves of a tree can fall off, branches can break and bough, roots can be uplifted, and tree trunks can topple, but each of these elements of a tree work together in unison to weather environmental changes. Amazingly, powerful wind and unpredictable weather causes a tree’s root structure to thrive and grow deeper, which in turn supports the tree’s ability to grow taller; without the wind, trees fail to grow. Similarly, it is the strength of our individual members working together and exploring opportunities in the face of disruption, under the canopy of the TAG Alliances, that has allowed our organization to strengthen and become a formidable, world class organization.
In 2019 we will be celebrating 20 years of the TAG Alliances. Just as trees have deep and expansive roots which support their growth and foundation, we would like to acknowledge the deep historical roots of the TAG Alliances as part of this year’s Annual Review. The seed of an idea to create a global community of professional service firms began with Peter Appleton Jones in a small rural office in Massachusetts. In 1998, this seed quickly sprouted into the development of TAGLaw®. The organization branched out with the addition of TIAG® in 2003 and then TAG-SP® in 2013. Today, TAG Alliances bears an abundance of “fruits of success”. From its humble roots, the TAG Alliances has grown to be one of the top multidisciplinary organizations in the world, with an aggregate annual revenue of its members of over $4.5 billion (and growing). We have a thriving membership that is extremely active both locally and internationally.
Our distinguished joint Advisory Board continues to provide strategic direction to the organization through greater input in our decision-making process in order to ensure that the voices of our members are being heard. Our decision to combine our TAGLaw and TIAG Advisory Boards has paid dividends in that their collaborative input, and significant contributions, have led to a common strategy and direction. We have recently formed sub-committees within our joint Advisory Board to provide direction on global alliance strategies, improvements to modernize our Charter and Member Code of Conduct, enhancements to the experience and participation at our conferences and events, procedures to better integrate our new members, and refinements to our recruitment process. We look for even greater benefits to sprout from the shared vision of our Advisory Board. Stay tuned.
Throughout this year’s Annual Review, we give acknowledgment to our roots and have highlighted the many milestones, recognitions and accomplishments of the TAG Alliances during its life span; demonstrating how the Alliance has grown stronger over time. Our organization, rich in history, stands tall on the world stage and continues to grow steadfastly towards a bright future.
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Richard Attisha President & CEO

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