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Fall 2018 - Atlanta
The city of Atlanta is a leader on the world stage. Extreme Leadership was the theme of our Atlanta conference and there was no better speaker to kick off our event than Steve Farber, one of the most respected leadership and management experts worldwide. Steve provided our members with action plans to transform the culture of our member firms by taking the “Radical Leap”, a process to cultivate Love, generate Energy, inspire Audacity and provide Proof that our members will “do what you say you will do” within the workplace and throughout their life.
Our following plenary and Specialty Group sessions showcased the talent and expertise of our members as they explored topics ranging from leading your firm to revenue enhancement strategies, the evolving role of the advisor, and current trade issues facing our clients in the wake of recent trade disputes and protectionist policies.
We would like to thank our host firms, Owen Gleaton (TAGLaw), AgeeFisherBarrett (TIAG), and Cherry Bekaert (TAG-SP), for their assistance and cooperation with the organization of the conference in the beautiful city of Atlanta.
Basil Beilich of Browne Craine and Co. (Isle of Man) welcoming new TIAG members Dave Kirk and Shane Stewart of Weaver (Texas, USA).
Corporate and M&A session with Steve Popoff (Ontario, Canada - TAGLaw), Edgar Philippin (Switzerland - TAGLaw), Tony Adler (Los Angeles - TAGLaw), Sean Geoghan (Southeast, USA - TAG- SP), Rahul Thakrar (London - TAGLaw), & Steve Ahn (Republic of Korea - TAGLaw).
Keynote speaker Steve Farber presenting on “Extreme Leadership: Empowering the Future of Your Firm”.
TAG Alliances launches new website
April 2015
Panelists José Arsenault (Quebec - TIAG) and Julio Valdés (El Savador - TAGLaw) on “Leading Your Firm to Achieve Successful Revenue Enhancement Strategies”
TAG Foundation supports Cyclone Pam relief efforts in Vanuatu with ShelterBox donation
April 2015
Jennifer Clarke (Ireland - TAGLaw), Florence Bastin (Luxembourg - TIAG), Rebecca Goodman-Stephens (New York - TIAG), & Kurt Baker (New South Wales, Australia - TIAG) at the Joint Advisory Board Meeting.
Spring International Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland
May 2015
Globally Connected. Locally Respected.
Celebrating 20 Years

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