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Piper Alderman (Australia - TAGLaw) staff sported mustaches Fuller Landau LLP (Ontario, Canada - TIAG) participated in JDRF’s during “Movember” to raise awareness and $3K for men’s health. Revolution Ride to Defeat Diabetes, raising a total of $25,065.
Burness Paull LLP (Scotland - TAGLaw), BOYNECLARKE LLP (Nova Scotia, Canada - TAGLaw), and Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP (Scotland - TIAG) participated in the Red Cross’ #MissingTypes campaign to recruit new blood donors by removing the letters A, B and O - the main blood groups - from their logos and social media pages.
Fillmore Riley LLP’s (Manitoba, Canada - TAGLaw) team “Motion to Strike Cancer” raised $50,621 at Challenge for Life 2.0.
TAG Alliances ranked 3rd largest alliance by AccountancyAge with $3.8 billion in combined member revenue (11.3% change)
July 2016
Berdon (New York, USA - TIAG) participated in Operation Backpack to provide underprivileged students with school supplies.
TAGLaw Ranked Among Top Legal Networks by The Lawyer
Sept 2016
Globally Connected. Locally Respected.
Celebrating 20 Years

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