TAG Foundation Donates to Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

TAG Foundation's trustees have recently approved the immediate disbursement of $5000 USD to the Houston Food Bank in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Houston is a unique city within the TAG Alliances community, because it is the only city in the world where we have TAGLaw, TIAG, and TAG-SP members in addition to a “Best Friend of TAG”. Additionally, our own team member, Lourdes Allende, lives and works in the Houston area. We’ve been in touch with most of the aforementioned to learn that they are safe, although the flooding has disrupted business operations and some employees of our member firms have suffered property loss. 

Currently, the most urgent relief efforts are focused on feeding and caring for those who have suffered the loss of their homes and do not have the ability to provide for their families. 

We want to acknowledge the numerous members who have reached out to our Houston-based TAG Alliances members to express their concerns and to offer a lending hand. We would also like to highlight Zinner & Co. in Cleveland, Ohio (TIAG) who sent the heartwarming message below. 

We will continue to monitor the situation in Houston, and determine whether additional disbursements are needed. 

You can help TAG Foundation’s ability to quickly respond to events such as this by donating as an individual, contributing as a firm or even hosting a fundraiser. 

As always, your generosity is greatly appreciated.


From Zinner & Co: "It was without hesitation that your fellow TIAG members here in Cleveland, Ohio agreed to donate and raise further funds for families affected by Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area. Our collection is underway and fundraising will extend through September 10."