TIAG Members Studio Rock and Mercer & Hole Create the "International 'Professional' Exchange Program

Studio Rock (Milan, Italy) and Mercer & Hole (London, England) started a new collaboration this year: an International “Professional” Exchange Program for their associates. The two firms are giving their associates the opportunity to spend a period of about six months working for the other firm. Luca Viel, Senior Associate at Studio Rock was the first to pursue this opportunity, spending 8 months this year at Mercer & Hole's offices in London. 

Luca said: “Studio Rock, Mercer & Hole and the TIAG Alliance offered me this great opportunity. I accomplished an 8-month secondment period in Mercer & Hole. I had the chance to work in 2 of their offices, St. Albans and London. I think that it was a big growth opportunity for me and for them: I helped them to improve the relationship with an Italian client and, in the meantime, I was able to improve my technical and English language skills and now… I also appreciate much more tea and beers! All my colleagues of Mercer & Hole were very kind with me and they helped me a lot for everything. I hope that other Network members will be able to develop similar relationships with other firms in order to give an opportunity like this to their associates. It was a great experience from every point of view!

Fedele Gubitosi, Managing Partner at Studio Rock said: “The first attempt of this new collaboration with Mercer & Hole was absolutely positive. It helped both firms a lot with the relationship with our Italian clients based in London and it represents a nice growth opportunity for our associates. Now we are discussing with them the following steps: host soon an associate of Mercer & Hole here in Milan and send another associate of Studio Rock in London the next spring.

Paul Maberly, Managing Partner and Andy Crook, Partner at Mercer & Hole said: “We have been delighted to have had the opportunity to work so closely with Luca and Studio Rock. Luca became a popular and useful member of the team and has helped create a really close working relationship between Mercer & Hole and Studio Rock which both firms can build on in the future.

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