Flex and Dykema’s Collaborative Work Shortlisted by Financial Times’ North American Innovative Lawyers Awards

Flex Ltd. and its collaborative work with Dykema has been shortlisted by Financial Times for its North America Innovative Lawyers 2019 Awards and for its corresponding annual special report, “North America Innovative Lawyers.” Flex and Dykema’s work is being considered as part of a broader entry for the legal team’s work on talent, strategy and changing behaviors.

Among the many innovative aspects of Flex and Dykema’s relationship, Financial Times is considering the organizations’ alliance on a mutually beneficial mentorship program that boosts both business and employee morale that offers social and professional experiences, including meals, phone calls, emails, social events, continuing education courses, trainings, office visits, court appearances, and facility tours. The mentorship program allows Flex’s younger attorneys to personally interact and develop meaningful relationships with senior and junior Dykema lawyers through regular group events and personal interactions.

Andy Powell, Flex’s Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, and Dykema Member Mike Wippler highlighted the innovative program and its benefits earlier this year in their article “How to Boost Business — and Employee Morale — by Partnering with Your Law Firm,” which was published in the October issue of ACC Docket.

Financial Times Innovative Lawyers is a unique program that assesses lawyers on their innovation for clients and in their own businesses. The program consists of rankings and awards, based on independent research from RSG Consulting and robust journalism efforts from the Financial Times. The results will be announced at an awards event in New York on Monday, Dec. 9, and the rankings are published in both print and online as a Financial Times special report on Tuesday, Dec. 10.

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