Leading Canadian Accounting Firm, Mallette, Celebrates 75th Anniversary

TIAG's Quebec-based member, Mallette, is celebrating its 75th anniversary. From 3 young accountants located in Quebec city, this firm has grown to be an 800 employee and 80 partner firm that services 33,000 clients from 28 cities throughout Quebec, Canada. By some estimates, Mallette is among the top 10 accounting firms in Canada.

Despite being 75 years old, Mallette is still young at heart with 50% of its personnel being under 31 years old. Mallette has celebrated this milestone by acquiring a 1 partner and 2 employee accounting firm in Trois Rivières, Québec as a symbol of the importance of small businesses in the Mallette's DNA.

Looking ahead, TIAG and the TAG Alliances plan to host their Fall 2017 International Conference in Quebec City where Mallette's strength and diversity will be put on display for the global audience of accountants and lawyers who will attend the event. 

For more information about Mallette, visit http://mallette.ca/en.