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Beyond COVID-19: The New Normal

The current outbreak of the coronavirus, officially named Covid-19 by the World Health Organization (WHO), has brought far-reaching chaos and dark uncertainties globally, not to mention grievance to victims of all walks of life.

Restrictions on cross border travels and lockdowns had to be declared by Heads of Governments. And collectively, they have, one way or another, affected people’s daily routines and life. Streets that used to be congested with residents and tourists alike are empty and eerily quiet. Facial masks had to be worn whenever it is necessary to be outdoors. Activities and gatherings are prohibited, due to social distancing. Businesses are not spared. Malls, retail outlets, restaurants and bars had to be shut. Factories are operational with limited capacity. Goods and raw materials, which have arrived at ports, are slowly being delivered to their destinations. Airlines have grounded part, if not all, of their fleet. The world is practically at a standstill.

This article explores the possible new normal, from the legal perspective, that may be adopted beyond Covid-19. This article seeks to identify the possible areas of law where different ways and approach in the business and corporate sectors may be adopted by their players. Terms of contracts, for example, that were unimaginable previously may be relevant now. Interpretation and computation of time may not be as straight forward as it used to be before.

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