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Sports Betting and the Impact on Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities are faced with a myriad of complex issues in light of recent developments in the sports betting industry. These developments include the Supreme Court’s decision in Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association, regulatory guidance issued by the Department of Justice about the Wire Act, and state regulations allowing expansion of sports betting in casinos and on the internet.

Sports betting presents schools with challenges involving institutional integrity concerns, legal compliance, potential violations, privacy and data issues affecting athletes, intellectual property and licensing rights, and much more. Colleges and universities may want to consider updating their policies, procedures, and systems for handling these various issues, including training, compliance, internal investigations, and crisis response plans.

The following client alerts by Schnader provide the latest updates and practical information for schools, businesses, and other organizations facing issues related to sports betting:

  • Overview of Issues in Pennsylvania and Other States
  • Impact of the January 2019 DOJ Memorandum in Light of Murphy v. NCAA
  • A Three Step Approach to Managing the Institutional Risks Associated with Sports Betting
  • Addressing Integrity Issues By Training and Educating Administrators, Staff, Athletes, and Students
  • Privacy, Data, and Integrity Issues Involving Student Athletes
  • Intellectual Property and Licensing Issues
  • Background Resources and Links

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