About TAG Alliances

Worldwide. Multidisciplinary. Independent

Businesses are continuously looking for the extra benefits that their professional service firm brings to the relationship. Members of TAG Alliances can differentiate themselves from their competitors by providing a broad range of professional service help worldwide, and having access to colleagues with extensive expertise, more than a single firm is able to develop. TAG Alliances is comprised of the leading professional alliances, TAGLaw®, TIAG® and its most recent addition, TAG-SP™. Comprised of independent firms, the alliances provide members and their clients with access to thousands of highly qualified professionals around the world.

taglaw logoAbout TAGLaw

Founded in 1999, TAGLaw® is an international alliance of more than 155 law firms. The alliance today ranks among the five largest legal alliances globally, and has been recognized as an "Elite" network in the Chambers Global 2017 rankings guide for legal networks. Learn more about TAGLaw by visiting www.TAGLaw.com.

tiag logoTIAG

Founded in 2003, TIAG® (The International Accounting Group) is an international alliance of more than 115 independent accounting firms. Learn more about TIAG by visiting www.TIAGnet.com.

tag sp logoTAG-SP

TAG-SP™, the most recent addition to TAG Alliances, takes advantage of the business that is generated in a free, active and global marketplace by attracting sophisticated and varied businesses. Members of TAG-SP have access to the numerous global resources and relationships which comprise the TAG Alliances. Learn more about TAG-SP by visiting www.TAG-SP.net. 

tag academy

TAG Academy

TAG Academy provides a variety of educational resources to TAG Alliances members including seminars, discounts on elite training products, and over 100 online courses. Visit tagacademy.com to learn more about TAG Academy.

tag foundationTAG Foundation

TAG Foundation funds, contributed by TAG Alliances members, provide aid to local charities around the world, most often in response to natural or other disasters. Visit tagalliances.com/tagfoundation to learn more about TAG Foundation.