About TAG Alliances

About TAG-SP: Strategic Partners of TAG Alliances

Established in 2013, TAG-SP® is an international alliance of independent businesses that serve as “Strategic Partners” to the TAG Alliances community.

TAG-SP members form an integral part of TAG Alliances and further the goals of TAG Alliances and its members by:

  • Enhancing the access to a diverse range of leading industry specialists to support member firms,
  • Expanding the service offerings that member firms can provide to their client’s,
  • Creating new referral sources, and
  • Extending the global reach industry depth of the organization.

Members of TAG-SP include:

  • International organizations in the insurance brokerage industry;
  • Financial and advisory firms;
  • Ancillary or affiliated businesses of our existing members;
  • Corporate services and trust companies;
  • Wealth management companies;
  • Alumni of TAG Alliances members who are working in-house or as corporate executives with multinational companies who are looking to maintain relationships with TAG Alliances; and
  • Other businesses that offer products, services, and enriched benefits to members of TAG Alliances.

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