TAG Academy

TAG Academy (Webinars & Seminars)

TAG Academy is the learning division of TAG Alliances. It was established to provide professional education to lawyers, accountants, and professional staff through web-based courses, live seminars, and sessions at our International Conferences. Access to TAG Academy resources is an exclusive benefit of membership in TAG Alliances. 

Member Benefit Series (Live Webinars & Recordings) 

Each year, TAG Alliances members receive access to several live and recorded webinars. These webinars are designed to deliver high-quality content from renowned consultants and industry experts, along with TAG Alliances members who specialize in specific areas of law or accounting. Topics are focused on Best Practices, Marketing & Business Development, and Specialty Topics.

How to Access Live Member Benefit Series Webinars: 

Ensure that you have a profile on our website and that you are signed-up to receive our webinar invitations*.

How to Access Recordings of Previous Member Benefit Series Webinars:

Click the links below to access recorded webinars by topic*. 

*Members will need their user name and password to access these resources. Contact helpdesk@TAGAlliances.com or call +1 727 895 3720 to obtain your firm's user name and password.

TAG Academy "Live" Seminars


TAG Alliances Managing Partner Summit

Managing partners and firm leaders from TAG Alliances member firms meet in this collegial, seminar-style environment to share their challenges and find out how others address similar issues. More information is coming soon about our next Managing Partner Summit. 

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