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Forced Leave, Retrenchments and Dismissals – Lockdown Labour Questions Answered

What are the rules and regulations regarding dismissals during the lockdown? Employers are not precluded from dismissing employees during the national lockdown, provided that such dismissals are implemented in terms of ...

Is A Trade Mark?

 “.com” domain names comprising generic words, such as, are very valuable pieces of online real estate. The question is whether these highly sought after domains qualify for registration as a ...

The Curious Case of the Iconic “Pointy S”

Whether you are an 80s, 90s, or now kid, you are likely to have fond memories associated with practising and perfecting the “pointy S” symbol. Although the origins of the “pointy S” symbol are not quite known, th ...

Return to Work During COVID-19 - Changes & Challenges

Indo-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IFCCI) and Kochhar & Co. invite you for a CHRO Panel discussion on "Return to Work During COVID-19 - Changes & Challenges". Monday, 10th August 2020 11:00am to 12 ...

Neil Young Kicks Trump to the Curb: No More ‘Devil’s Sidewalk’!

Author: Nicole Smalberger Well-known musician Neil Young is suing the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, calling on the campaign to stop all use of his music at Trump rallies. These songs include “Devil’s Sidewa ...

How an Asymmetric Jurisdiction Clause May Affect Enforcement in Mainland China

A New Take by the Hong Kong Court An asymmetric jurisdiction clause ("AJC") is a jurisdiction clause that allows one party to commence proceedings over disputes arising from the underlying contract against the other con ...


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