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In an increasingly competitive and global marketplace, TAG Alliances membership provides a significant competitive advantage to member firms. Below are some of the key benefits of membership. 

  • Protect and Grow Your Client Base with access to a highly qualified community of like-minded firms that can responsively service your clients’ global goals and needs at competitive rates.
  • Attract New Business from alliance member referrals and by promoting your global connections to existing and prospective clients.
  • Multi-Disciplinary Support from a diverse group of independent law firms, accounting firms, and strategic business partners to provide complete client solutions.
  • Develop Quality Relationships that lead to collaboration and new business opportunities for your firm.
  • Leverage International Resources to gain access to a wide range of knowledgeable specialists from around the globe and obtain timely answers to respond to your clients’ needs.
  • Maintain Your Independence through membership in an alliance of independent firms versus a network or global firm; free from risks of shared liability or conflicts. Members also have the autonomy and freedom to either work with fellow TAG Alliances members or with their existing relationships.
  • Raise the Profile of Your Firm as a member of an elite, top-ranked international alliance in order to win new business and grow your practice.
  • Share and Develop best practices with other members in a non-competitive environment. TAG Alliances hosts networking and professional development events, including International Conferences, Regional Meetings, Managing Partner Summits and webinars to share knowledge, showcase experts, meet new members, and build authentic relationships with other members.

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TAG Alliances: The Benefits of Membership

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