About TAG Alliances

TAG Alliances Advisory Board

TAG Alliances' Advisory Board is composed of leading practitioners from around the world who provide guidance to the alliance and act as a source of professional advice. The Advisory Board includes four specialty committees each dedicated to a specific area of the alliance including:

Global Strategy Committee

TAG Chair: Richard Attisha
President & CEO of TAG Alliances

Member chair: Paul Tauber
Coblentz, Patch, Duffy, & Bass LLP
San Francisco, CA, USA - TAGLaw

Kurt Baker
ESV Business advice and accounting
New South Wales, Australia - TIAG

Florence Bastin
Fiduciaire du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg S.à r.l. (FLUX)
Luxembourg - TIAG

Gbenga Biobaku
Gbenga Biobaku & Co.
Nigeria - TAGLaw

Rebecca Goodman-Stephens
Berdon LLP
New York, NY - TIAG

Paul Maberly
Mercer & Hole
London, England - TIAG

Randy Myeroff
Cohen & Company
Michigan & Ohio, USA - TIAG

Dan Ray
Hemming Morse, LLP
San Francisco, CA, USA - TIAG

Governance and Code of Conduct Committee

TAG Chair: Chris Cervellera
Executive Director of TAG Alliances

Member Chair: Jim Dankenbring
Spencer Fane LLP
Missouri, USA - TAGLaw

Basil Bielich
Browne Craine and Co.
Isle of Man - TIAG

John Delaney
Delaney Partners
Bahamas - TAGLaw

Jan Depoorter
SBB Accountants & Advisors
Belgium - TIAG

Irwin Kishner
Herrick, Feinstein LLP
New York, NY, USA - TAGLaw

Marty Truss
Texas, USA - TAGLaw

Recruitment and New Member Integration Committee

TAG Chair: Fernanda Musi
Director of Global Member Relations of TAG Alliances

Member Chair: Wendy On
Fineman West & Co. LLP
Los Angeles, CA, USA - TIAG

Russell Brown
Beijing & Shanghai, China - TIAG

Pablo Brusco
Brons & Salas
Argentina - TAGLaw

Jennifer Clarke
LK Shields Solicitors LLP
Ireland - TAGLaw

Markus Dankl
Austria - TIAG

Greg Noschese
Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, P.C.
Texas, USA - TAGLaw

Conferences, Events, and Member Engagement Committee

TAG Chair: Melisa Attisha
Executive Vice President of TAG Alliances

Member Chair: Robert Levy
Kuit Steinart Levy LLP
Manchester, England - TAGLaw

Mariano Batalla
Costa Rica - TAGLaw

Sibina Eftenova
Popov, Arnaudov & Partners
Bulgaria - TAGLaw

Paul Hopkins
Carter Newell
Australia - TAGLaw

Papa Alboury Ndao
RMA Senegal
Senegal - TIAG

Felipe Pestana
Grupo Planus
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - TIAG

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