Success Stories

“...An Unfolding Story of Successful Collaboration...”

“TAG Alliances’ UK and Ireland Regional Meeting on the Isle of Man last year was a key event for Burness Paull’s success story. The conference provided a great opportunity to network with fellow members and strike up mutually-beneficial relationships. We noted throughout the weekend the friendliness and openness of everyone at the conference – there was a great atmosphere and a genuine interest in getting to know others and making solid connections.

That led to contact with numerous delegates following the conference, connecting on LinkedIn and exchanging regular messages.

As a direct result we received a number of instructions, including from Isle of Man-based Peregrine Corporate Services (TAG-SP), one of the firms who hosted the conference. We had some good conversations with them at the event, and they instructed us to assist with an interesting case involving an Isle of Man company, a Scottish property and a Scottish deceased’s estate.

We also made a referral to Bedell Cristin (Cayman Islands - TAGLaw), to assist with a high value (c. £30 million value) estate we were dealing with. The deceased held a piece of land in the Cayman Islands. Bedell Cristin are assisting with the resealing of Scottish Confirmation in the Cayman Islands, and will subsequently assist in dealing with the sale of the land in due course.

In addition, we also travelled to Ireland to meet TAGLaw firm LK Shields after being introduced at the conference, and Richard Attisha (President and CEO of TAG Alliances) also met us there.

These are just a few examples that highlight why the past 12 months have been an unfolding story of successful collaboration with our fellow TAGLaw members.”

—Nick Naddell; Burness Paull (Scotland - TAGLaw)

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