Success Stories

“...The Global Needs of Our Customers.”

"We joined TIAG because we needed a recognizable global partner to help us meet the requirements of our clients’ growing businesses. TIAG membership provides us a remarkably competitive advantage and the ability to administer all of the global goals and needs of our customers.

Within the first few weeks of membership, we had already had a very positive experience collaborating with APC Audit Tax Advisory Ltd (Nicosia, Cyprus - TIAG) for an issue involving one of our clients with a Cyprus subsidiary. We have also collaborated with TIAG members Hisham Labib & Co (Egypt) and Studio Mottura Tron (Rome, Italy - TIAG).

We expect to develop more successful partnerships with TIAG members in the weeks, months, and years to come!”

—Kameliya Terziyska; Brain Storm Consult- OD Ltd. (Bulgaria - TIAG)

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