Unicomer Group debuts in international markets with US$350 million bond offering and Hunte & Co. counsel

On March 27th (2017), Unicomer Group Co. Ltd. closed a private placement of senior notes in international markets for US$350 million. These instruments, with a maturity set for 2024 and at a 7.875% rate, were issued in compliance with Regulation 144A/Regulation S of the U.S. Securities Act and were guaranteed by Unicomer subsidiaries throughout the Western Hemisphere. Hunte & Co. Partner Laura S. Arthur was selected to provide legal counsel for the British Virgin Islands. 

Unicomer Group is a leading retailer of durable goods in Latin America and the Caribbean, focused in medium and average income sectors. They also serve the Hispanic and Caribbean population in Texas and New York (United States). Unicomer sells many products, including household appliances, electronic goods, furniture, motorcycles, mobile devices, computers and clothing. It has branches in 24 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, operating 1,061 stores, under various brands.