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Burness Paull LLP (Scotland - TAGLaw)

Clarkslegal LLP (Reading, England - TAGLaw)

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Blake Morgan LLP (Southampton, England - TAGLaw)

Boodle Hatfield (London, England - TAGLaw)

Bufete Escura (Barcelona, Spain - TAGLaw)

Clarkslegal LLP (Reading, England - TAGLaw)

Elliott Duffy Garrett (Northern Ireland - TAGLaw)

LK Shields Solicitors (Ireland - TAGLaw)


TAG Alliances (comprised of TAGLaw, TIAG and TAG-SP), is an international alliance of independent law firms, accounting firms and other professional services firms, who share common objectives and standards, but are not under common control or management. TAG Alliances itself does not practice law or accounting and TAG Alliances does not offer legal, accounting, or financial advice. TAG Alliances disclaims any responsibility or liability for acts or omissions of any of its member firms. Member firms in TAG Alliances are not engaged in the joint practice of law or accounting, nor is there any legal or partnership relationship between or among the TAG Alliances members by virtue of their membership in TAG Alliances. 

The various resources shown on our site are for general information purposes and do not constitute the provision of legal or financial advice nor the creation of an attorney-client relationship with TAG Alliances or the member firm who has provided the resource. For further information regarding the laws or regulations of a given jurisdiction, we ask that you please contact a member firm in a given jurisdiction should you have questions. Contacting TAG Alliances does not establish an attorney-client or a fiduciary-client relationship. 


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