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ESV Re-Affirms Their Commitment

ESV are reaffirming their commitment to audit and assurance with two recent key appointments. We see audit as a growth area and are making these strategic additions to further cement our capabilities in this space.

We have welcomed Partner, Travas Burns to the team. Travas has over 15 years’ experience in Audit and Business Services and predominately focuses on external auditing and assurance advisory services, he is also our expert in fraud related matters including fraud detection and prevention. In addition, Susan Prichard who has worked as a Consultant for a number of years now joins us on a more permanent basis as an Audit Client Director. Susan has over 25 years’ experience in performing public and private company audits and is an expert in process improvement.

Our team of Registered Company Auditors includes:

This team have over 125 years of combined experience across every industry. Whether your company is ASX-listed, private, not-for-profit or an overseas subsidiary, we provide a range of assurance services supported by our best practice methodologies, innovative technology tools, and an experienced local team.

Financial statement reviews and audits provide an accurate picture of your results, your performance against financial objectives, managed risk and areas for improvement. During this Covid-19 era there are additional facets to review as many companies are forced to work from home. Insights into your business practices will help you identify risk, implement controls and make better informed decisions.

We always adopt a business-specific focus rather than looking only at compliance. At ESV we will match a clients’ audit needs with an industry audit specialist – from day one they will understand your industry and its idiosyncrasies. We also understand the importance of peer reviews; for every ESV audit we undertake, there will be a peer review to ensure we deliver a compliant audit with exceptional service and insights.

We focus on building deep, long-lasting and trusted relationships. We are always working to help you make the right decisions – we are your partners for growth.

If you’d like to know more about our Audit and Assurance services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your ESV Engagement Partner.

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