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Redefining the Mischievous Homicide Law: A Comparative Analysis of Homicide Laws in Bangladesh, UK and the U.S.

Author: Rehnuma Binte Mamun

Sections 299 and 300 of the Penal Code, 1860, consecutively dealing with culpable homicide and murder, are notoriously known for confusing students, lawyers and judges. These sections are glaring example of legal texts being intricately complex. The demarcation point of the two offences is not discernible here because of the complex wording and construction of the sections. This paper examines the sections with a comparative analysis of the homicide law of the UK and USA to find the demarcation point between murder and culpable homicide in Bangladesh. Finally it attempts at proposing some reforms and/or suggestions to these existing penal provisions regarding the wordings and construction for a more precise and efficient legislation on murder and culpable homicide.

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