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Residence Permits for Foreigners in Turkey

Contact: Att. Naciye Yılmaz; Erdem & Erdem (Turkey)

The Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458 ("Law No. 6458"), published in the Official Gazette dated 11.04.2013 and numbered 28615, abrogated the Law on Residence and Travels of Foreigners in Turkey No. 5683 by entering into force on 11.04.2014.

Law No. 6458 regulates the entry of foreigners into Turkey, visa requirements, principles and procedures of the scope and application of international protection, regulations and novelties on establishment, duties and the mandate of General Directorate of Immigration Management ("General Directorate") affiliated to the Ministry of Internal Affairs ("Ministry"). The subject of this Newsletter Article shall be limited to residence permits for foreigners.


Obligation of Obtaining Residence Permit and Exemptions

Pursuant to Article 19 of Law No. 6458, foreigners who stay in Turkey beyond the du­ration of a visa or a visa exemption or, in any case longer than ninety days, are obliged to obtain a residence permit.

Article 20 of Law No. 6458 regulates exemptions from the residence permit. Foreigners listed under Article 20 are not required to obtain a residence permit. For example, foreigners who have arrived with a valid visa or by virtue of visa exemption for a stay of up to ninety days, are exempt from a residence permit with­in the period of the visa or the visa exemption; holders of a stateless person identity card; members of the diplomatic and consular mis­sions in Turkey; family members of diplomatic and consular of­ficers, provided they are notified to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are also not required to obtain a residence permit; moreover members of the representations of international organizations in Turkey whose status has been determined by virtue of agreements; who are exempt from a residence permit by vir­tue of international agreements to which Turkey is a signatory, are listed as exempt from the residence permit requirement.

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