Legal Study on Occupational Health and Safety Controls in Kuwait's Private Sector Activities Under the Pandemic Conditions of the Corona Virus (COVID – 19) Disease

This health legal study was jointly provided by Taher Group Law Firm and Kuwait Medical International.

Taher Group Law Firm and Kuwait Medical International has published a brief legal study reviewing the health and occupational safety regulations that should be observed by employers, workers, and clients/customers in the private sector, and in those particular sectors that are allowed to conduct their business under conditions of a global pandemic threat, which are under a specific partial ban between 6 a.m. until 6 pm, in an unremitting attempt to avoid the effects and consequences of the spread of the epidemic and reduce it, by directing employers to abide by the decisions of the Ministry of Health towards providing health and occupational safety controls and directing workers towards taking the utmost precautionary measures in the individual confrontation of the damage of the epidemic and a commitment to personal safety, which is a necessary support of the country's efforts in these exceptional circumstances the country is going through in order to achieve public safety.

This study has been submitted by Taher Group Law Firm along with Kuwait Medical International, with a desire to contribute to community service by supporting the private sector in the consideration of the fact that this sector is a major component of the national economy and a tributary and due to the redundant of health care provided in the government health sector, to create a culture whose purpose is to make such workplaces safe and secure for all who are there, as well as to enhance the confidence of the general public to gradually return to work in spite of non-diminishing effects of the global health disaster.

This study has been prepared by Lawyers Abdulaziz, Khalid, Jamal Alkhateeb and Fawaz Khalid Alkhateeb from Taher Group Law Firm from the legal side, and from the medical and health side Dr. Muhammad Al-Jarallah and Dr. Ali Mahdi Zadeh, directors and partners of Kuwait Medical International and their medical team consisting of dozens of specialized doctors in many centers and clinics of their company throughout the State of Kuwait as they have a long history in the and experience in the field of health over the decades, envisioning from this joint study as well as participation in the untiring efforts in dealing with the epidemic of this age.

The study presents the best professional practices that should be observed subsequent to returning to work partially, in light of the spread of the Corona Virus, and the study has been compiled from the most important sources:

1. The decisions of the Ministry of Health and the decisions of the Council of Ministers and related authorities.

2. A guide for gradual return policies, procedures and rules for work in government agencies prepared from the Civil Service Bureau.

3. International measures from which the study team examined guidelines to help employers understand how to work safely during the Corona virus epidemic, prepared by British officials and updated on May 25, 2020.

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