Diversity and Inclusion in Leadership

AAB Launches Gender Pay Gap Dashboard

A new conversation has begun and is at the forefront of the mind for employees and employers - differences in pay across genders. 

Whilst the Equal Pay Act has been resolving some of these issues since its introduction in 1970, there are still significant pieces of the puzzle to be considered. In accordance with the Act, men and women should be paid the same for doing the same job. However, this does not legislate for the fact that men may be operating in higher paid roles than women. The Gender Pay Gap legislation is looking to tackle this by considering the gap across pay within organisations as a whole. The government have decided the best way to make inroads into the pay gap in the UK is to make information transparent to the public to allow stakeholders to drive change.

Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP's (Scotland - TIAG) new Gender Pay Gap dashboard tool allows users to access real time data in order to easily track and analyze their company's progress towards minimizing their Gender Pay Gap. Plugged into live payroll data, the tool provides key metrics broken down by department, job grade, or any other reportable basis across a full history of a firm's payroll.

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