TAG Tax Newsletter - March 2013

TAGLaw and TIAG have some of the premiere tax lawyers and accountants in their respective professions.  In an effort to share their knowledge with other members on a more regular basis, the TAG Tax members of Europe have created the TAG Tax European Newsletter.

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Newsletter Contents:

Country Review

UK / Ireland

  • UK: The UK – an attractive place to do business

The UK government has, over recent years, worked hard at making the UK an attractive location for business. Recently there has been an emphasis on attracting innovation to the UK; the main focus being on relief for research and development and the introduction of a patent box regime.

Continental Europe

  • France: Finance Law 2013 and modifying finance law for 2012: global tax increase for companies and individuals only partly balanced by a new tax allowance on low salaries.
  • Germany: Since the Finance bill for 2013 has been rejected, the changes are limited so far to the Business Tax Reform and Allowance for Individuals.

Southern Europe

  • Malte: Possibility and opportunity to transfer companies from one jurisdiction to another.

Eastern Europe / Baltic countries

  • Estonia: Increased investigation power for the tax authorities and new VAT territoriality rules for services.
  • Latvia: A series of measures to make Latvia more attractive both for companies and individuals.
  • Lithuania: Significant changes to immovable property tax, personal income tax, land tax and excise duty.


  • Germany: Cross-border double dip

The possibility to deduct interest at the level of a German partnership whereas interest are also deducted at the foreign partner’s level may be challenged. But opportunities still exist.

The contents of this report has been contributed by independent law and accounting firms. Each firm is a separate entity and all are members of TAGLaw, LLC or The International Accounting Group, LLC. (TIAG). TAGLaw, TIAG and The Appleton Group, Inc. assume no responsibility for the contents of this publication.

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